Goat Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates with Honey Sriracha

This holiday, wow your friends with a simple, yet amazing appetizer. We’ve taken a cue from Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest and added our own twist to create these Bacon Wrapped Dates. They’re filled with creamy goat cheese and drizzled with a sweet and spicy Honey Sriracha sauce, featuring our very own Fix Signature Sriracha.

Picture this: each bite is a mix of sweet dates and smooth goat cheese, wrapped in crispy bacon, then topped off with our Honey Sriracha for that perfect spicy-sweet kick.

Our version of this appetizer is easy to make and brings a burst of flavor to any holiday event. Inspired by the cozy get-togethers of our own family, these stuffed dates are more than just tasty bites—they’re about making holiday memories to last a lifetime.


It was love at first bite for us when we tried these Goat Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates with Honey Sriracha. Inspired by @halfbakedharvest – Make sure you add these tasty bites to your Thanksgiving Menu! #thanksgiving #recipe #sriracha #hotsauce #fixhotsauce

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Get ready for the smiles and satisfied tastes when you serve these Bacon Wrapped Dates, drizzled with the best Honey Sriracha. It’s a festive treat that’s sure to spread some holiday cheer!

Goat Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates with Honey Sriracha


1 Package of Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese (or other options available at the store)
1 Box of Natural Delights Fresh Medjool Dates (pitted)
1 Package of Apple Gate Hickory Smoked Uncured Sunday Bacon (cut into halves)
¼ cup Honey
2 tbsp Fix Hot Sauce, Signature Sriracha
of bamboo toothpicks


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. While you wait for the oven to preheat, start the process with assembling the stuffed dates.

Open the box of Natural Delights Fresh Medjool Dates (pitted) and slit the top of the dates into halves (making sure the dates are still intact for stuffing). Repeat the process until all of the dates are cut into halves.

Open the package of Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese or other preferred options. Take a butter knife and take a piece of the goat cheese and stuff into the dates (approximately 20g of goat cheese per dates). Repeat the process until all of the dates are stuffed with goat cheese.

Remove the bacon from the package and cut them into halves. Set aside. Take one of the stuffed goat cheese and wrap them with bacon and pin the bacon wrapped dates with a bamboo toothpick. Place the finished wrapped dates on a baking sheet and repeat the same process. You should be able to make about 16 bacon wrapped dates.

Once the oven is ready to go, place the baking sheet into the middle of the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes or until the bacon is crispy and golden brown.

While the bacon wrapped stuffed dates are being baked, prep the honey sriracha drizzle by combining honey and the sriracha into a bowl and mix well. Then set aside for later use.

Once complete, remove the baking sheet from the oven. Remove the stuffed dates onto a serving plate and top off with the sriracha honey drizzle and serve right away!

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