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Product renders of our 10 oz hot sauce variety pack, which includes our newest flavor, hot hoisin, signature sriracha, lemongrass sriracha, habanero ginger sriracha.

The Fix Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Experience the tantalizing world of Fix Hot Sauce with our hand-selected variety pack, a culinary adventure waiting to unfold. Perfect for food enthusiasts seeking to elevate their meals or adventurous souls looking for a healthy, flavor-packed journey.

Our Latest Flavor

Hot Hoisin Sauce

A bold fusion of traditional hoisin’s earthy sweetness with our signature fiery kick, this sauce is an unforgettable explosion of all-natural, healthy, and dynamic flavors. Elevate your meals to new heights and embark on an exciting taste journey with our revolutionary Hot Hoisin Sauce!

A 3D render of one of our latest products, our hot hoisin sauce.