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Lemongrass Chicken Lettuce Wrap, Al Pastor Style

Yields1 Serving

Ingredients for the Meat Marinate
 1 lb Skinless chicken thighs
 2 tbsp Monkfruit sweetener (brown)
 ¼ tsp Ground black pepper
 2 Garlic cloves
 1 Shallot
 2 Stalk lemongrass, diced
 1 ½ tsp Tamari soy sauce
 1 tbsp Fish sauce
 4 tbsp Fix Hot Sauce Lemongrass Sriracha
 1 tbsp Avocado oil
Ingredients for the Wrap
 1 head Butter lettuce
 Green onion salad, shredded
 Pickled carrots, julienne
 Pickled daikons, julienne
 Fix Hot Sauce Lemongrass Sriracha
 1 Lime
Ingredients for the Spit
 1 Large White onion
 Pineapple slices
 2 stalk Lemongrass (about 3" length wise)
Instructions for Prepping the Meat:

Cut the chicken thighs into slices. About 1/8″ to 1/4″ inch thick.


To make the marinade, mince the lemongrass and place into a blender. Add the garlic and shallot as well and puree until defined. Then add the Tamari soy sauce, fish sauce, avocado oil, black pepper, brown sugar, and Fix Lemongrass sriracha. Puree again to mix evenly.


Transfer the marinade and chicken thighs into a bowl (zip lock or vacuum sealed bag is fine as well). Make sure the chicken thighs are coated evenly and marinate over night.

Instructions for Assembling the Stable Tower

Trim the remaining lemongrass stalks and cut in half lengthwise.


Slice the onion in half, skewer onto the al pastor rack with the cut half of the onion facing up.


Take off the top and bottom pieces of the pineapple, skewer one on top of the onion, large side facing up.


Stack the chicken thighs into a stable tower on top of the onion/pineapple/lemongrass foundation. Rotate each slice by about 45 degrees to create an even stack.


Place remaining 3 slices of lemongrass on top of the chicken. Cap with the pineapple half, and then onion on top. Once the assembling is completed, you are ready to grill.

Instructions for Charcoal Grill

Heat up 2 pots of the charcoals, then place them around the grill on the outer layer.


Once the grill is heated up, place the stable tower in the middle and cook the meat until internal temperature hits 165 degrees.


Feel free to add vegetables to grill on the outer surface of the grill to eat as sides.


Once the grilling is done, remove the stable tower from the grill. Serve the chicken thighs with butter lettuce, toppings, hot sauce and enjoy!