We have our own proprietary recipe! We focused on creating a fiery sauce that didn’t necessarily kick you to the floor, but added depth to dishes. Fix Hot Sauce started with the base flavors of garlic, vinegar, and salt to give it the familiar hot sauce feel, but we’ve responsibly sourced region-specific peppers.

We don’t add any nitrates or any artificial preservatives. One of our current challenges is getting non-GMO and organic certified due to the country that we’re producing in.

With shipping and import costs, we could actually produce this cheaper in the US. However, we wanted to capture the authenticity of south Asian flavors and deliver the essence of what we feel a Sriracha hot sauce should be so we are working with a farm and factory in Vietnam.

We’ve met the farmers that we’ve sourced these peppers from, and sourced our own factory to produce our proprietary recipe. We’ve heard the stories of the farmers and factories, and we chose ones that are aligned in our vision of non-GMO / organically raised peppers. We’re in the process of getting certified, but there’s no easy way due to Vietnamese regulations not yet aligning with the US. Hold tight though, because this is our dream!

We use a proprietary blend of south Asian peppers.

Yes the peppers are immediately fermented after harvest.

We’re passionate about hot sauce! Our hunt to find that perfect premium hot sauce led to many disappointments. Our passion, combined with an exploratory and life changing journey to Vietnam, led our team to believe that we could create and release our own sauce that could take the market by storm!

The base of our recipe is a proprietary family formula. From this goodness, we experimented like mad chemists, determined to create a new blend that was perfect for a global palate.

Our sauce is proudly made in Vietnam.

The goal of the Fix Hot Sauce team is to have our product readily available at all major supermarkets across the United States, and eventually the world! We have a passion for food, and for hot sauce, and our goal is to continue to deliver the highest quality product to our faithful and new customers.

We’re currently working with distributors. Stay tuned!

Organic Chili Peppers, Garlic, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Rice Vinegar.

We source organic non-GMO peppers. We cannot yet get certified by the USDA, but we are working towards it.


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